"How I Leveraged The Little-Known 203k Renovation Method to Buy My First Cash Flowing Property... With Only a 3.5% Down Payment!"
The Underground Playbook for Getting Started in Buying Real Estate
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What is '203k Secrets'?
It is NOT just another "Get Rich Quick" Real Estate Investing Book!

It is NOT another book about "flipping houses with no money or credit", wholesaling, or other saturated methods you've probably seen before. But this is a book that will tell you exactly how to get your first deal that will roll you into more house flipping before you know it. 

It is NOT a book about how to make millions in Real Estate - though it will help you guarantee your first step with getting the most REWARDING Real Estate Purchase of your life under your belt, that will help you make millions in the future.

It is NOT a book about finding hidden, juicy, ultra-profitable real estate deals - though it will help you realize that you DON'T need deals like this to get started in Real Estate. Using the 203k Way Strategy, most distressed properties you can find right on Zillow will be excellent deals to pursue!

It is NOT a book about renovations and how to rehab a property - but it will teach you the first steps you need to ensure that in the future you will understand the entire real estate buying and flipping process, with government officials holding your hand through the process!

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What You Will Learn In The 203k Secrets Book!
"This is the real estate industry's BEST KEPT SECRET..."
"How to Leverage the 203k Renovation Loan In Your Market... To Earn Passive Cash Flow and Live Mortgage FREE!"
"Know Exactly How to Flip and Rent Your First Rental Property PROFITABLY "
(Starts on Page 50!!!)

"No HUGE Down Payment Required. 
No Conventional Loans.
  No Hard Money Loans!"

*ADDED BONUS: 203k Lender Finder Tool  Find Lenders Who Will Know How To Get You APPROVED! 
(FREE Tool + Video Guide Included!)*
What You Will Learn In The 203k Secrets Book!
"This is the real estate industry's BEST KEPT SECRET..."
"How to Leverage the 203k Renovation Loan In Your Market... To Earn Passive Cash Flow and Live Mortgage FREE!"
"Know Exactly How to Flip and Rent Your First Rental Property PROFITABLY "
(Starts on Page 50!!!)

"No HUGE Down Payment Required. 
No Conventional Loans.
  No Hard Money Loans!"

*ADDED BONUS: 203k Lender Finder Tool  Find Lenders Who Will Know How To Get You APPROVED! 
(FREE Tool + Video Guide Included!)*
In Case If You're STILL Wondering If You Should Get This TELL ALL Book About the Secrets of the 203k Renovation Loan...
Inside Of This "Tell-All" Book, These Are Just A FEW Of The Golden Nuggets You'll Get 
When You Dive In...
  •  The COLD HARD TRUTH About getting started in real estate investing (including the LIES you are constantly told, and how to steer clear away from them and JUMP START you Real Estate Investing Career) .... pg. 1
  • ​The ONE book that completely changed my life, and opened up my mind to the SECRETS of how people get rich.....pg. 5
  • ​The first attempt I took at "flipping real estate" with zero money, and how I was lured into a bunch of scammy real estate education programs - and how you can avoid doing the same!!...Pg.. 8
  • ​How these dreams and frustrations broke me down, to a point where I felt like I was going to be a loser forever.... and how you can skip the point in the entrepreneurial journey where you feel like a failure and let down to your friends and family.... Pg. 12
  • ​The Real Estate Advice that I paid over $10,000+ for (which I will share with you) and why it took me SO LONG to find it.... Pg. 16
  • The Single Action I took (that took 2 minutes) that snowballed into buying my first ever cash-flowing Real Estate deal.... Pg. 19
  • ​2 KEY BENEFITS of the 203k Renovation Loan, and How They Allow First Time Home buyers and Newbies to Compete and BEAT Big Cash Investors to Incredible Deals on Distressed Properties in Your Market..... Pg. 20 & 21
  • A SECRET WAY on How to Get Approved for a Loan WAYYY More Than You'd Be Able to Afford Alone...... And How To Leverage That Trick To LIVE FOR FREE --- or Make Money To Live For Free!!!.........pg. 27
  • The Absolute MOST CRUCIAL PART of using the 203k Loan, How I COMPLETELY Screwed it Up.... and How To Avoid It....... Pg. 29
  • How I Was Able to COMPLETELY Avoid Paying Closing Costs!!! Saving me $1,000's of Dollars...... Pg. 32
  • The Step-By-Step Process I Used on my Renovation on My First Property,  How to MAXIMIZE Your Equity By Installing And Renovating SPECIFIC Parts of the Property, and Where to Save Money Vs. Spend Money..... Pgs. 34-38
  • ​The 203k Consultant, and Why Buying A Distressed Property with a 203k Loan is Like Flipping A Property.... With Training Wheels On! (Almost Guaranteeing You Don't Get Screwed or Lose Money!...........Pg. 39
  • ​What Happens If Your Project Goes OVER BUDGET (Which Happens Often) And How the 203k Loan is Already Built To Expect and Absorb Any Unforseen Costs! (And YOU Wont Get Hit With the Overage!!!)......Pg. 41
  • ​How I Went From NEVER BEING A LANDLORD with No Guidance, to Finding 2 Sets of Tenants That Pay On Time Every Month (And Continue to 3 Years Later with ZERO Issues!)...... Pg. 44
  • ​The ONE THING That Will Either PREVENT Your Success in Real Estate, Or Give you the Fuel To Crush it --- and How To Use It....... Pg 46
  • ​How to Find The Most Experienced 203k Lenders in Your Market, That Will Ensure You Get Approved for the MAXIMUM Amount and Will Be Able to Refer You To The Best Team.... Making Sure Your 203k Project Practically RUNS ITSELF!!! (This Pairs PERFECTLY With Your 203k Lender Finder Tool!)...Pg 48
  • 2 EXCELLENT Strategies to Choose From on How to Maximize the 203k Loan Benefits, the Benefits of Each One, and How To Do It!! (If You Have a Pulse, You Will Undoubtedly be Able To Use One of These Strategies!)..... Pg 51
  • ​How To Figure Out What You Need to Get Approved For This Loan, and How To Address Each of The Items IMMEDIATELY So You Can Get Pre-Approved ASAP....Pg 52
  • HOW TO FIND DISTRESSED PROPERTIES THAT ARE PERFECT FOR THE 203K WAY STRATEGY...From Just ONE Website!!!! (This Can All Be Done From Your Couch..... No Realtor, Fancy Deal Finder Software, or Marketing Campaigns Needed).....Pg 53
  • How To Estimate Rehab Costs on a Property From Your Couch.... Even if You Don't Know a THING About Construction or Renovations (From Someone Who Has Been Doing Residential Contracting for Over 40 Years!) Pg. 54
  • ​How to Quickly Use The Information You Gather From These Websites to Check if The Property You're Analyzing  is a Good Deal Or Not (Takes less than 5 Minutes) Pg. 56
  • ​How to Find Out IMMEDIATELY If this Property Will Be Able to CASH FLOW (Passive income in your pocket every month)..... Pg 58
  • ​How to Access the PRIVATE 203k Way Community (Filled with people asking and learning about the 203k Loan).... ONLY FOR READERS AND FOLLOWERS OF THE 203k SECRETS BOOK!........ Pg 61
  • NEW BONUS: The 203k Way CRITICAL Resources -  At the end of the book you'll receive a list of all of the Most Important Links, Websites, Books, and Tools that would have SAVED ME THOUSANDS If I had only known about them before I started this journey.... for you FREE as an Updated Bonus.. Pgs 63 & 64
  • AND MUCH MORE!!!!!....... [Order Now to Find Out The Rest!!!]
See What People Are Saying About The 203k Book!
I Hope You See That This is NOT a Normal Book... 
This Book Is Unlike Any Real Estate Book You've EVER Read.
If This Book Doesn't COMPLETELY Change Your Ideas About Getting Started in Real Estate Investing by Page 30,
 I will Refund Your Money....And You Still Get to Keep the Book..... AND The 203k Expert Lender Finder Tool!
Here's What To Do Next
HERE'S THE DEAL: There's no catch...no gimmicks...You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that. 

In fact, if you don't love the book AND the Free Tool, just let my team know within 30 days and I'll even refund your $1.99. So, Click the button below to download your copy now. You won't regret it.
I Am Just SICK AND TIRED Of Seeing People 
Struggle To Get Started In Real Estate.
If you're wondering why I'm giving away this book and free tool for SO CHEAP, here's why:

1.) After years of struggling in getting started in real estate investing (buying course after course, book and book, mentorship after mentorship) I finally was able to break through with the 203k loan. After a tough journey, I promised to myself that I would make it EASIER for people to find information on how to do this and start their own journey too!

2.) I don't do this for the money. I have my own real estate investments now, and am not looking to get rich off of teaching people how to do it. The reason I put a small price tag there though, is to filter out all of the people that aren't willing to invest the price of a cup of coffee into learning how to become financially free. Also, when I give it away for free, almost nobody ends up reading it. You can't advance if you don't read it.

3.) It's my way of saying thank you to all of the people that support me, and believe in this thing that I care so deeply about sharing with the world!

4.) It allows more people to take a step into my 203k Way Community, and hopefully build it with even more like-minded people looking to get started in real estate investing. A community is nothing without each individual and their story, so the more stories, the more help can be spread between everyone!
Time Is Of The Essence...
Here's Why...

I can only withstand so many people coming into the community at any given time...because I make it my priority to answer EVERY question that rolls into my inbox, or on our Facebook Group.

If this page is still here, that means that it's not too late to get a copy of 203k Secrets and The FREE Lender Finder Tool, and still have me around to answer your questions as they come up. But I reserve the right to pull this page down once I get too overwhelmed (which happens from time to time...)
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
I 100% Guarantee that this book will absolutely change your view on how to get started in real estate, and give you a refreshing new look on how to get started, and confidence in starting yourself. If not, I'll return your $1.99 immediately, and you can still keep the book, tool, and all the extra bonuses.

That's right. Just email me and my team and I'll give back your money, no questions asked.

Sound fair?
This Is Truly A Limited Offer,
So Claim Your Copy & Lender Tool Now Before I Take This Page Down!
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter, and I look forward to seeing you in The 203k Way Community!
Matt Porcaro
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me haha) who just skip to the end of the page, here's the deal:

I'm sending you the instant download to the "203k Secrets Book  -  How I used Government Funding to Get My First Cash Flowing Real Estate Deal With Only 3.5% Down" PLUS the 203k Expert Lender Finder Tool - that helps you find the most experienced 203k Lenders in your Market in SECONDS... All for Just $1.99! 

Yes - for less than a cup of coffee, I'll be giving you $10,000's worth of valuable information and tools that you can use to replicate my strategy.

There's no catch...no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that. 

In fact, if you don't absolutely love this book and it doesn't change your ideas about getting your first "deal" in real estate, I'll refund your money - NO QUESTIONS ASKED - and you get to keep the book and the tool anyway!

So, Click the button below to get your 203k Secrets Bundle NOW before this offer ends. You won't regret it. 
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